Music Production Programming Assistant

MusicSynk is looking for a hardworking, experienced production progammer with skills to support our film and tv team. The ideal candidate will possess the ability to create independently, but also take direction in our team-based environment. This position requires a utility player with strong production, composition light orchestration, technical savvy, great attention to detail, and proven expertise in production environment. A demonstrated portfolio of previous project completion is essential. Experience in protools or similar MDM, instrumentation, programming current soft-synth technology is a essential. Position will report to the Creative Director and requires ability to interface with internal writers business clients and all members of the creative team.

Internship Description

    We believe it takes a lot of work to make something attention grabbing, compelling, artisticly innovative and stylistically appropriate. We’re looking for music production assitants who embrace this philosophy, and bring with them a passion for their work and a desire to change the world through great production. You’ll work with everyone on the team to build the best finished product possible.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • A pure love of production, writing, overall creative process
  • Experience in protools or similar MDM
  • Soft-synths, remix tools, vocal editing.
  • An attention to detail that sometimes annoys your friends
  • The ability to present your ideas and consult with our internal team and customers
  • Sense of humor (everyone says this, but we really mean it…you might be asked to tell jokes in your interviews)

If you are a producer programmer with experience in the online advertising or media industry or over 2 years of solid writing production experience, we look forward to your resume!

Location: Nashville, TN Submit resume to: hello(at) Please put Music Production Programming Assistant in subject line. MusicSynk offers a secure online platform that quickly facilitates music synchronization licenses for the film, television, advertising and video gaming markets. It serves both the professionals who pay to license music and the top-tier artists who own the copyrights to the music. MusicSynk, sync rights, organized, connects the catalogs of copyright owners to licensees worldwide; music supervisors in film and television, movie trailers, advertising, broadcast and gaming (similar to ASCAP, BMI and HFA in their respective verticals). MusicSynk collapses the sync license process from weeks into hours, with 100% copyright integrity and complete transparency. For more information, check out