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Great conversations at MediaXchange this week.

Glad to participate in the great conversations at MediaXchange 2015 – Newspaper Association of America’s conference.

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Music’s changing leadership role in the trans-media space.


MusicSynk’s John Pisciotta will be speaking at the upcoming Newspaper Association of America (NAA) MediaExchange. John, the Founder and CEO of MusicSynk LLC, will be presenting on his experiences on the implementation of new strategies on music’s evolving role and increasing importance in the trans-media space.

NAA MediaExchange is the largest annual gathering of industry executives in North America and offers unprecedented networking opportunities that combine an exchange of information and ideas with programming that will generate results. The event will be held from March 15-18th, 2015 at the Omni Nashville. For more information, please visit:

2012: Billboard Discusses MusicSynk and the Synchronization Space

MusicSynk modernizes an old, paper-driven process by giving those on both sides of the licensing transaction a negotiation platform. “We’re replacing 40-plus steps of faxes, unreturned phone calls, researching who owns what and who wrote what songs,” Pisciotta says. “We’re accelerating the [business by] replacing a completely broken, fractured process.”
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MusicSynk Featured in Billboard Magazine Katy Perry 2013 Edition

Being based in Nashville gives MusicSynk an insider’s perspective on publishing and copyrights, says Pisciotta, who is a songwriter. It’s a perspective that may be lost on Silicon Valley startups. “A lot of companies get into trouble because they don’t understand what they’re dealing with,” he says. “Copyright is core to what we’re doing and is baked into the Nashville DNA.”
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What is Copyright Recapture

The year 2013 is a very important year for rights holders of musical works. In 1978, as a revision to the Copyright Act, rights holders were given the right to recapture the copyrights to their musical works 35 years after the date of publication of those works. The first year for recapture is 2013 and many rights holders, including Bob Dylan and The Eagles, are going through the process of recapturing their rights. The ability to exercise this right is not automatic and can be a complicated process, especially to those who are not familiar with the process.
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